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Coaster / Coaster 2019 – Dailies –  notes to myself – 001-112

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“RSJ Barker and Paul Livingston tireless efforts (Barker calls his little squares,’Dailies” ) have paid off handsomely…..by the time the 6 o’clock buying swill was over, it seemed the only items left on the walls were red dots…….
Jim Anderson
01 November 2019


Boat Smoke Bowl
(Mary Place Gallery – 23 November – 23 December 2019


It’s strange to consider the seemingly inconsequential things that make up our everyday lives. The moments we encounter, the views we see, the arrangement of objects in our kitchens, bedrooms and offices, even those brief interludes with family and friends that pass by as each new day fades into the past, all this is made up of discreet events and things that mark out the passage of time. In some ways social media records the minutiae of these kinds of encounters but they are denuded of context, and more importantly, of emotion. The works in Boat Smoke Bowl by RSJ Barker, Leonie Khoury and Dean Manning restore a sense of meaning to the passing and apparently insignificant.

Barker’s past works have been small-scale pieces that appear to have begun with figurative elements but ended up as dense, painterly abstracts. A sense of that older work is still apparent in this selection of newer pieces – the scale is still modest, and the surfaces are worked with the sure hand of an artist who has spent much energy on understanding texture and detail, but these new paintings also have a delightful element of figuration. They feature an intuitive combination of elements observed from his coastal home – ships, aircraft and birds – treated as equal elements in the painting, relative size observed with an impressionistic, personal perspective. They are works that abound with life, the vivid reality glanced out a window, or considered from a headland.

Dr Andrew Frost
November 2018

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Born: Melbourne, 1957
Studied Art – 1977- 1987
Lives in Sydney

2018 Defiance Gallery at Mary Place Paddington (group show)
2013 Martin Browne Fine Art Paddington (group show)
2013 Defiance Gallery Newtown (group show)
2007 Sheffer Gallery Darlington
2006 Hazelhurst Gallery (group show)
2003 Mary Place Gallery Paddington
2002 RLC Gallery Chippendale
2002 Cobbittee Gallery Mosman
2001 Mary Place Gallery Paddington
2000 Gallery 19 Haymarket
1996 Back Bar Gallery Paddington
1995 Rom Gallery Darlinghurst
1993 Rom Gallery Darlinghurst
1991 Sylvester Studios (group show)
1990 EMR Gallery (group show)
1988 AVAGO Gallery University of Sydney
1987 EMR Gallery Redfern
1982 Mori Gallery Leichhardt`
1981 Steven Mori Gallery Leichhardt
1979 Students Gallery Leichhardt (group show)
1978 Commonwealth Bank Glebe
1978 Students Gallery Leichhardt

Various group exhibitions.
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Art Certificate – St George Technical College 1977 – 1978
Diploma of Art – City Art Institute 1979 – 1981
Bachelor of Art – University of Sydney – 1984 – 1987 (incomplete)

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19. Colorful Identity # 1 - Postie #1, Acrylic on Canvas, September 2017"
19. Colorful Identity # 1 – Postie #1, Acrylic on Canvas, September 2018

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Boat Smoke Bowl


….They are works that abound with life, the vivid reality glanced out a window, or considered from a headland.

Dr Andrew Frost
Guardian Art Critic